The ScreamFreak.com Virginia Haunted Attraction Tour started in 2011 as a way to grow and promote haunts across the entire state of Virginia. It was organized by the actor troupe Red Vein Army in Richmond, Virginia. The team started with the concept of Mr. Scream Freak, Virginia's Halloween and Haunted Attraction icon character. They worked with DarkWood Manor's head haunter Louis Brown to develop Mr. Scream Freak's face and overall look. From this idea spawned the ScreamFreak.com Tour in which Red Vein Army's team of actors created their own unique characters based on Mr. Scream Freak's adventures. Haunts from around the Commonwealth invited Red Vein Army to work at their attraction and the group traveled every weekend throughout the season, mostly performing as line entertainment for the night. The ScreamFreak.com Tour became one of the most unique in the Haunted Attraction Industry, because it acted as a cross promotional campaign of all Virginia haunted attractions. The goal each year being to not only grow support for haunts in each city and county of Virginia, but also encouraging the populus to get out and visit ALL the great attractions throughout the entire Commonwealth of Virginia.

Red Vein Army has been able to secure their own haunted attraction (RED VEIN Haunted House), so the ScreamFreak.com Tour will not happen this year, but the message and spirit of the tour will continue for as long as haunts and haunt fans exist in Virginia.

You haven't heard the last of Mr. Scream Freak, though!

The ScreamFreak.com Network of Haunted Attractions has grown every year. This tour would not happen without the hard work and support of haunted attraction owners, cast, crew, and of course fans and customers of haunted houses in Virginia. Please help support your favorite local attraction... and make sure you tell'em Mr. Scream Freak sent you!

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Thanks to these sponsors who made the 2015 tour possible.

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